1/ Driving into Whitby on the A171 keep going straight to the town centre. You'll end up on the A174 which curves down a hill for about 500 yards.

2/ At the roundabout at the bottom, go left up the hill.

3/ At the roundabout at the top turn right. Drive straight down the hill (St Hilda's Terrace which runs into Flowergate).

4/ Drive past the "Dead End" road sign and continue about 70 yards. Cliff Street has a very narrow entrance between two shops on the left hand side. Drive about 120 yards up Cliff St, (past the car park entrance, through the narrow gap) and then Presby House is between numbers 35 and 36 on the right with a red front door.

PARKING/SCRATCHCARDS: Pull up to the side of the street and dump all your stuff in the house, then drive up to the DISC ZONE in the West Cliff Area. In winter months there is no restriction to parking here. In summer months you'll need a parking scratchcard, so one or two 4-day cards will be left out for you in the kitchen.