The Glorious Goths at Whitby!

Pictures by Kjartan Poskitt - with many thanks to all the charming,
friendly and wonderfully dressed people who come to
Whitby for the October and April Goth weekends.

This photo was taken from
Sleeps 6: spacious, central, abbey/harbour views
Watch the birdie! (Only "she" isn't actually a birdie.)
Satan's best mate
Goths popping out to get some emergency dog food
Goth wisely wearing a gas mask when following the undead.
BOO! A rotten trick to play on a small goth
Mrs Baskerville and her hound
Goths planning a bit of DIY
The midnight ship
An anti-goth ...
... and an anti-anti-goth
Remember that's it's rude to stare.

(If you want to be rude, click on the picture)

Goths getting a few in.
Goths with crossbows hoping to spot some more pheasants
Who's your cute friend?
Three-wheeled goths
Goth bungie jumping over the harbour
This has to be a goth, because if it isn't, what is it?
A pirate with a parasol
That steam punk shoulder pad looks great,
but what does it actually do?
A Maleficent goth.
Goth at the legendary SILVER STREET chippie...
... but let's hope she's left room for a bit of goth cake
Goth wishing he could take a selfie
Full moon rising over the Abbey.
Goth hanging on to her hat. Or his hat.
Steam Punk goth deciding whether to shoot or play a tune.
Goths arguing about the weekend dress code.
Goth determined to show her new shoes off...
... and the goth who borrowed her old pair
Proud goth parents
The Ghost of Bakehouse Lane.
No, we don't know what this is either.
This goth has rather cleverly managed to co-ordinate
her outfit with the bloke's shirt behind her.
Perfectly accessorised goth with
matching beard and bootlaces.
A one-eyed rubber goth.
Forget garlic, this goth's more
worried about woodworm.
Who'd bee a goth?
One cuddly goth, and one not quite so cuddly.
Totally extreme goth costume ... or is it a litter bin? It's so hard to tell.

Some older pictures...

Goths in Church Street
The Black Doorways
This couple had at least 3 different outfits each

Goth Umbrellas
Goths checking their tackle
Goth Central
Goths hitting the beach with buckets and spades
Goths playing crazy golf
Goths from Sheffield
Some dignified Goths from Scunthorpe
Goths climbing the 199 steps to the Abbey
The Shambles pub offers a warm gothic welcome
Gothic Glamour
Goth Playmate of the Month
Goth with good teeth
Goths at their favourite pub The Elsinore on Flowergate.
When the first Goths came to Whitby in 1994,
it was the only pub that would serve them.
Good business move!
Goth prepared for rain

Goths avoiding garlic sandwiches
Goths looking for a cashpoint

Even the traffic lights like
to do something different

This is Loki, the goth that scares the other goths
Goths taking the 199 steps carefully
Goth with peacock trimmings
Mediaeval goth
A very tall goth
A highland goth?
and of course... Goth Morris Dancers
Time to go home

Thanks for looking!

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This photo was taken from
Sleeps 6: spacious, central, abbey/harbour views