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Henry the Tudor Dude
Nell's Belles
Fawkes the Quiet Guy
The Rumpelstiltskin Racket
Sammy's Magic Garden

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About the music demos:

These are only short sections of songs and music from my shows made by myself and a couple of friends - hopefully you'll see the music's potential and will be inspired to do better! Occasionally new sections are added to this site.

To play a demo, click on the link. Your "Media Player" screen should open immediately and after 10-20 seconds you should hear something (providing your sound card is working). If you get a message saying something like "buffer congested" then it takes a bit longer. The files are compressed to make them faster to download which might cause a box to pop up saying something like "this file doesn't match the extension". Don't worry about it, just click "ok".

For advice on perfoming with a live band or backing tracks see: Backing Tracks Guide

HENRY the Tudor Dude

Music Demos: Mixed medley of several songs!

"The Body Rock Encore" - "Blue!" - "Do Your Worst" -


Music Demos: "The Seaside Special (Naked on the Beach)" - "Charlie Boy" - "Gimme The Nurse" - "All Shut Out"-

FAWKES the Quiet Guy:

Music Demos: "Catesby's Cabaret Time" - "The Girl That Never Was" -
"Smile As You Go" - "He's a Man!" (a tribute to Sir Walter Raleigh) -

The Rumpelstiltskin Racket:

Music demos: "Wake Up" - "Dance of Life" (encore recorded live) -
"Sad sad story " - "The Closest Friend" - "My Little Fish"

Sammy's Magic Garden:

Music Demos: "Don't You Know....?" - "Finale" (a medley of reprises) -
"The Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen"

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