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This page has quiz questions, connections and picture rounds taken from the quizzes I've been running every week at my local pub. I've been going there since 1974, and it's where I've had the ideas for most of my books!

My regulars have seen this lot, so if you're doing your own quiz, do help yourself.

Good luck!

Picture Rounds

I've done about 100 picture rounds. This page just has a few samples, but you'll find a random selection of the others in the Picture Round Bank.

Picture Round Bank

Click the image for a *pdf you can print out

Ladies Day


Colour Names




Matts Hand!


Olympic Events


Ten Random Questions...

These are rounds of 10 random questions I put together during the 2020 lockdown. They are suitable for a live venue or for playing online. The questions with answers are available as text files so you can copy/paste them as you like.

The questions are also available as *jpg sheets which you can download/copy and put out on social media.

Below are just two examples.

10 Random Question Rounds

QUESTIONS WITH THE ANSWERS are given here as a *txt file which you can use as you like.

10 Random Question Rounds

Pub Quiz Connection Rounds

How to play...

  • Players are told all ten answers have a connection.
    Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
  • The first team to guess the connection must write it down somewhere then bang the table and shout CONNECTION
  • Quizmaster goes to check the answer.
  • The first team to guess correctly gets 3 bonus points.
  • If a team guesses wrong, they do not get to try again.
  • The connection should NOT be revealed to other teams until the end of the quiz.


You can use the connection rounds in a slightly different way on WhatsApp or Twitter or other social media by posting questions one at time at 1 minute intervals. You'll find instructions on this answer sheet which you can download/copy and post for players.

Online Connections Answer Sheet

Connection Round 32

Connection Round 35

Connection Round 40

Connection Round 41

Connection Round 44

Connection Round 45

Connection Round 50

Connection Round 210

Pub Quiz Quirky Question Rounds

These are a few of the individual rounds I've put in my own quizzes.

Windsor Davies Tribute Quiz Round

Colombian Drug Lords Quiz Round

20 fun questions of the decade 2010-2019

Complete the Cheesy Chat-Up lines

Famous Donalds

Barbara Windsor

Bay Horse Quiz Answer Sheet
Bay Horse Twitter Quiz
Went Rd Quiz Answer Sheet

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