What are the casino games with the best RTP and why?

Article updated: 1/Oct/2022

Online casinos, like the traditional casino, provide their customers with various games through which a player can easily gamble his or her money online. The whole operation is done via the Internet without having to be physically present at the casino. This has provided an easier and comfortable way to "stake and win" even though the player does not always win. This eventually drives players in the search for games with the best RTP.

What does RTP stand for?

RTP (Return to Player) is a term commonly used by operators of online casinos to describe the percentage of money a player stakes on a particular type of game or slot, to be paid back to players over time. This is used to explain the amount of money that a particular game or slot returns to its customers. It is represented as a percentage that is calculated through gameplay over a long time.

RTP is what keeps the best online casinos running as it is the energy on which these casinos thrive. In other words, it is the casinos milking cow that generates money. It is also the profit margin that is different from a bookmaker's odd percentage even though the models easily explain how profit margins are implied. If need be, you can check out a more thorough explanation of RTP.

RTP and Online Casinos

RTP is more applicable to online slots as you can bet or gamble your money faster with slots than with many traditional casino games. If a slot offers a better RTP, the player gets more play on his or her money. As a result, RTP has become what players look out for when deciding what slot machine to play and Casimoose can make the search easier.

Take for instance, the American and European roulette wheels. Both basically feature two games i.e. Even-money shots such as: odds/evens, red/blacks and bets on the primary layout on digits in a straight-up, slit, row, corner and street fashion. The American roulette offers RTP of 94.74 percent on all bet types whereas its European counterpart offers 97.30 percent. This gives the European roulette a better RTP than the American roulette wheel with only a difference of 2.6 percent.

Premium Blackjack also has a RTP of 99.67 percent and Classic Blackjack 99.4 percent. Nevertheless, a small percentage of players possess the ability to play strategically and those who possess the strategy sometimes find it difficult to be disciplined enough.

Online Games and Their RTP's.

Here are some of the best-known games and their "Return to Player" (RTP):

  1. Goblin's Cave - 99.3% RTP
  2. Ocean Princess - 99.1% RTP
  3. UggaBugga - 99.1% RTP
  4. MegaJoker - 99% RTP
  5. Nemo's Voyage - 99% RTP
  6. Tropic Reels - 99% RTP
  7. Jackpot 6000 - 98.9% RTP
  8. ChessMate - 98.7% RTP
  9. Uncharted Seas - 98.6% RTP
  10. 1429 Uncharted Seas- 98.5% RTP

You can find more about games and their RTP's by checking out the list of the best RTP by games here.

RTP is a very big useful weapon in the arsenal of any serious-minded online casino player. RTP percentages are landmarks for the best betting value on games.

Identifying the games with the higher RTP is the fastest and most secure way of assuring more casino play and higher chances of winning frequently. Also, you can measure big cash outs in RTP percentages on slots with lower RTP. So, if you are looking to cash out big, you are more likely to do so on a low RTP slot.