Where Are RNGs Used

What is randomness? Well, it's defined as something that happens without a method or a conscious decision behind it. But everything in the universe happens due to a cause, for anything to take place, another previously-related event had to transpire. This begs the question, is anything random? But, let us not get into philosophical debates about the state of the universe. Let's talk about the main theme of this article Random Number Generators.

Random numbers are useful for a whole array of purposes, like generating crypto-keys, simulating complex phenomena and selecting samples from vast data sets. They've even been used aesthetically in the arts. With the invention of computers, the notion of randomness in software was recognized. But it proved difficult as software is a set of algorithms that blindly follows orders, so it's hard for it to be unpredictable. However, once this was figured out, RNGs found a purpose in many fields, including the following.

Online Gambling

In 1994 the first Act legalizing the activity was passed in the Caribbean state of Antigua and Barbuda, and the first digital casino went online. Like its land-based counterpart, the main source of revenue was, and still are, slots. And, of course, the reels have to stop in combinations no one can guess. Randomness is needed, so RNGs were incorporated, and are checked regularly by overseeing organizations. Today, these games have grown to be so advanced, that it's not just the allure of winning big that gets people playing, but the graphics and storylines, as well. Add the online casino bonus to that equation and you have the perfect blend for a quality gaming experience.


The practise or study of secure communication through various techniques in the presence of interested third parties. In essence, it's about the construction of protocols that stops others from reading private messages. So, numbers that attackers can't guess are required.

If we use the same ones over and over again, or some sort of progression, pattern, adversaries could figure out what we'll use in the future. We need to generate numbers in such an unpredictable way, that no one can guess them. This is essential for secure encryption, whether for files, codes, or just using an HTTPS website.

If cryptography rings a bell to you that is because it is used by one of the biggest modern inventions in the financial industry cryptocurrencies. Thanks to cryptography, users gain a certain level of anonymity when they trade online and thus, have increased security.

At the moment, the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market is Bitcoin. Some reports have stated that there may be as many as 100,000 millionaires in the world who managed to amass their wealth by trading Bitcoin, which is quite a mesmerizing fact.

Video Games

Games are and always have been big business . You know that, but did you know that some games incorporate RNGs? A lot of classic ones did. A quick and good example is older Pokemon games. They've put their RNGs through strenuous use.

Every time a new Pokemon is created, it has its own set of stats. These are very important and can stick around for quite a long time. The gameplay depends on them, so newer releases have focused on stronger algorithms known for their randomness. And believe me, people have tried to crack these as they want to be able to manipulate and predict them.