The Best Maths Apps For Your Android Phone

There is almost an app for everything these days. Smartphones have become an integral part of many peoples’ lives for that exact reason, with more us using apps to conduct banking queries, book holidays, stay fit and healthy, and find love online than ever before.

When it comes to learning about and improving upon your knowledge of maths, games can certainly help but so too do various apps now available in this space. Maths is a difficult and daunting subject to many people, after all, which is why another platform to master the subject appeals to some learners. Perhaps they’re struggling to get their head around Pythagoras or need more information on the complexities of calculus. Whatever the issue, there is most definitely a maths app capable of providing further insight and giving a person the tools needed to make sense of it.

With several popular maths apps being downloaded in 2021, here is a look at some of the best creations for your android phone right now.


With a strong emphasis on providing thorough instructions and making sure answers are clear and easy to understand, MalMath is a great option to kick things off. The app is easy to use and can fit well alongside any television session or an exploration of the most detailed guide to video poker online. It’s free and also works offline, making it a beneficial tool for students even without an internet connection.

GeoGebra Classic

GeoGebra Classic is a simple to grasp and friendly maths app compared to some of the more daunting creations out there. Tackling the likes of geometry, spreadsheets, digital algebra and probability, the app does a remarkable job of simplifying what can be tricky and complicated problems for students. A particular selling point with this app is its useful graphs used to illustrate each answer and hopefully hammer home the message further.


Hugely popular among the student population, Brainly combines both the world of social media with learning about maths in what is a vibrant and friendly community. Users can ask people questions about certain maths-related topics and help make learning about maths less challenging as a result. For some students, having a fellow learner answer their queries can result in better results. The social aspect of this app certainly makes it a unique but highly intriguing option.

Komodo Maths

Aimed at primary school children and the younger learners among us, the Komodo Maths app will provide a solid maths foundation to pupils. The app has been specifically put together by qualified teachers. Rewards can be won as you play a variety of fun maths games in what is a friendly and fun way to learn about the subject. If you or your child is keen to gain a foundational understanding, then give Komodo Maths a try.


Photomath has your back with pretty much all things maths, although it does specialise in helping to breakdown annoyingly tricky maths sets. All you need to do is use your phone’s camera by pointing it in the direction of a maths problem, and then from there, the app will figure it out and give you a detailed answer. Photomath is free and works in offline mode also, making it a hugely beneficial tool for many of its users who might not have access to an internet connection at all times.

Rocket Math

Another popular app for children, Rocket Math provides a light-hearted and easy to digest approach to learning about maths. With its game-based approach, Rocket Math is adored by many of its young users.