Best Games To Play And Gift This Christmas To Your Family And Friends

You may have planned the winter holidays well in advance. You may have planned to meet your friend for coffee one day, or you may have planned to watch a movie too. Some may have hung up the shoes to bet at on some classic slot games.

This site is indeed a haven for slot lovers as there are themes with all types of prize ranges on offer. That said, you may want to spend Christmas in a better way. However, what do you do to spend more time with your family? The best way is to do things together. It could include making food together or watching a movie together. However, most enjoyable would be to play board games or other activities together. Hereís what you can do!

Guess the Personality

You can play this game in many variations. One would be by sticking a post-it on your forehead with the name of a personality. The other person will act and show, and you have to guess it like a dumb charade. However, you may have three to four guesses to reach closer to the answer. It can be great for using the best non-verbal communication method.

Ornament Toss

You arrange the paper cups in a pyramid-like formation on a table, and you stand at a distance to pop the ornament into anyone. You have five balls and only ten seconds to drop the ball each in five cups. You may increase the number of ornaments or reduce the time to make it an intense competition. It is an easy and cost-effective way to entertain kids.


We do not know if we would survive without the trusted Pictionary game. Divide into two teams. Letís say Team A sends a player to team B, who gives them a word to draw. Team Aís players should get the word by guessing the artwork. It makes the game a lot more fun if you blindfold the artist to make the game all the more hilarious.

DIY Christmas Cards

Who makes and sends cards these days? We create e-cards for Christmas and share them on social media. But the real charm lies in drawing and making simple cards, just like we did in childhood. There is a raw feeling of warmth if you do this again for your friends and relatives. They will cherish it and keep it as a memory worth cherishing.

Bingo Games

Visit any toy store now, and you will find Bingo in all shapes and sizes. Even the online stores are full of these in various versions. They include books and movie names, and they are great to play with everyone.

No-Hands Challenges

This can be an excellent game for newly-married couples celebrating their first Christmas as a husband and wife. They have to balance an ornament and take it from one bucket at the end of the room to the Velcro wall on the other side. They must stick it there and not let it fall. If the ball falls, they pick it up and put it in the first bucket again, and start all over again.

Candy Cane Games

Everyone loves candy canes at Christmas. The best way to enjoy them would be by using them to play this game where you pick as many candy canes as possible without using your hands. The game is excellent entertainment for kids and adults who want fun. After enjoying all of these games and activities, you will admit that these games are the best ways to be with family as in the good old days.