Kjartan Poskitt Published Book List

These are all the original titles and publication dates.
Books marked * indicate one or more later editions were released with new titles.

2015 July Borgon the Axeboy and the Whispering Temple Fiction Faber and Faber
2015 March Borgon the Axeboy and the Prince's Shadow Fiction Faber and Faber
2014 August Murderous Maths: Magic of Maths Maths Scholastic
2014 August Murderous Maths: Secrets of Sums Maths Scholastic
2014 August Murderous Maths: Brain-Bending Basics Maths Scholastic
2014 August Murderous Maths: All Shapes and Sizes Maths Scholastic
2014 July Borgon the Axeboy and the Dangerous Breakfast Fiction Faber and Faber
2014 January Agatha Parrot and the Odd Street Ghost Fiction Egmont
2013 July Agatha Parrot and the Thirteenth Chicken Fiction Egmont
2013 February Agatha Parrot and the Heart of Mud Fiction Egmont
2012 July Agatha Parrot and the Zombie Bird Fiction Egmont
2012 February Agatha Parrot and the Mushroom Boy Fiction Egmont
2011 August Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head Fiction Egmont
2010 Sept Everyday Maths for Grown Ups Maths Michael O'Mara
2010 August Murderous Maths: Easy Questions Evil Answers Maths Scholastic
2010 April Murderous Maths: The Murderous Maths of Everything * Maths Scholastic
2009 All new editions of the Murderous Maths series Maths Scholastic
2008 August Urgum and the Goo Goo Bah! Fiction Scholastic
2007 Sept Urgum and the Seat of Flames Fiction Scholastic
2007 May Murderous Maths: Codes * Maths Scholastic
2006 October Urgum the Axeman Fiction Scholastic
2006 Murderous Maths: Kakuro Puzzle Scholastic
2005 A Brief History of Pants * Fiction Scholastic
2005 Murderous Maths: The Perfect Sausage Maths Scholastic
2005 Murderous Maths: Sudoku Puzzle Scholastic
2004 The Magic of Pants * Activity Scholastic
2004 Murderous Maths: The Fiendish Angletron Maths Scholastic
2003 Murderous Maths: The Phantom X Maths Scholastic
2002 Nell's Belles Stage show Samuel French
2002 Murderous Maths: Numbers - The Key to the Universe * Maths Scholastic
2002 Murderous Maths: Professor Fiendish's Book of Diabolical Brainbenders * Puzzle Scholastic
2002 The Warp Maze Puzzle Scholastic
2002 Murderous Maths: Vicious Circles and other Savage Shapes * Maths Scholastic
2001 Alternative GCSE Guides: Maths Maths Scholastic
2001 BBC Megamaths: Problem Solving Activity BBC Worldwide
2001 Murderous Maths: Do You Feel Lucky? Maths Scholastic
2000 Murderous Maths: Desperate Measures Maths Scholastic
2000 Murderous Maths: The Mean and Vulgar Bits Maths Scholastic
2000 BBC Megamaths: Shape Activity BBC Worldwide
2000 BBC Megamaths: Fractions Activity BBC Worldwide
1999 Dead Famous: Isaac Newton and His Apple * Non-fiction Scholastic
1999 Rosie and Jim Annual 1999 Fiction Ragdoll
1999 Murderous Maths: Essential Arithmetricks * Maths Scholastic
1998 Brat Pack: Secret Codes Activity Scholastic
1998 Brat Pack: Practical Jokes Activity Scholastic
1998 BBC: Money with Dynamo Activity BBC Worldwide
1998 BBC: Tables with Dynamo Activity BBC Worldwide
1998 Rosie and Jim Annual 1998 Fiction Ragdoll
1998 The Knowledge: More Murderous Maths * Maths Scholastic
1998 BBC Megamaths: Measure Activity BBC Worldwide
1998 Killer Puzzles: Titus O'Skinty's Gruesome Game Show Puzzle Scholastic
1998 Fawkes -The Quiet Guy Stage show Samuel French
1997 BBC Megamaths: Money Activity BBC Worldwide
1997 BBC Megamaths: Division Activity BBC Worldwide
1997 Rosie and Jim Annual 1997 Fiction Ragdoll
1997 The Knowledge: The Gobsmacking Galaxy Non-fiction Scholastic
1997 The Knowledge: Murderous Maths * Maths Scholastic
1996 BBC Megamaths: Tables Activity BBC Worldwide
1996 Rosie and Jim Annual 1996 Fiction Ragdoll
1996 Killer Puzzles: Attack of the Killer Puzzles Puzzle Scholastic
1996 The Rumpelstiltskin Racket Stage show Samuel French
1995 Henry The Tudor Dude Stage show Samuel French
1995 The 113 *@#K Ups Cartoons Grub Street
1994 Killer Puzzles: Find the Phantom of Ghastly Castle Puzzle Scholastic
1993 Killer Puzzles: Decode the Deadliest Joke in the Universe Puzzle Scholastic
1993 The 122 Turn Offs Cartoons Grub Street
1992 The 99 Don'ts Cartoons Grub Street
1990 Sammy's Magic Garden Stage show Samuel French
1990 The Mystery of the Pirate's Treasure Puzzle Belitha Press
1989 The Mystery of the Magic Toy Puzzle Belitha Press
With special thanks to MARILYN MALIN who published my first two puzzle books and has represented me ever since!

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